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Have you had cancer and are now in remission, or perhaps, if treatment was fairly recent, you are in a 'wait and see' time?

Ernst T. Krebs Jr, the biochemist who instigated the vitamin B17 and nutritional therapy, proposed that although cancer is triggered by many carcinogens/stress, etc, the body may not be able to self heal if there is a vitamin B17 deficiency (in the same way as scurvy is a result of a deficiency in vitamin C). For those who have had cancer treated conventionally and had tumours removed surgically, received chemotherapy and radiotherapy and have been told that they no longer have cancer, it needs to be very clearly understood that removing tumours and killing cancer cells does not remove the vitamin deficiency, and therefore the cancer may possibly return if this is not dealt with. In fact, for those who have received chemotherapy, which hits the immune system, the situation has undoubtedly been exacerbated. There is an urgent need (even after 'successful' conventional treatment) to take vitamin B17 and supporting nutritional supplements, boost the immune system, and prevent a re-emergence of cancer. If conventional treatment is in the recent past and been 'successful', nevertheless a HIGH DOSE vitamin B17 treatment programme plus nutritional support for a month or more may be advisable (see 'Nutrition therapy for people suffering with cancer: a summary of different sources'). It is important not to be complacent. A permanently improved diet and full supplements, always continuing with vitamin B17, (two 500mg tablets daily for life) was recommended by Dr Philip E. Binzel who had such amazing results in his GP practise in the USA for 18 years until he retired. Alive and Well (American Media, California, 1994) by Binzel can be ordered from See Suppliers & Support for sources of supplements. You may have tackled the symptoms of cancer (the tumour), but have you investigated the cause?

See the notes Maintenance lifestyle for those who have had cancer.

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