Karen Kirkpatrick is happy to talk to anyone about vitamin B17 on 01483 423235 (UK) 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. This is a private telephone number and she may not always be able to answer, but keep trying.


No information from may be construed as medical advice or instructions. Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and wellbeing.

Other suppliers

  • Xylitol: natural sugar substitute: (substitute 1:1 half the glyycemic load of fructose, one-ninth effect on blood sugar, and no tooth decay properties. But do not use for bread making) Has different brand names e.g. Unique Sweet Crystals by Vitamin Research Products available from Nutrestore or The Nutri Centre. Xylitol available in some supermarkets. NB Cancer cells feed off sugar - so cut out any form of sugar.
  • Celtic Sea Salt from Regenerative Nutrition (0845 200 8544)
  • Coconut Oil as a substitute for butter - as a spread or for cooking. There are many brands in health stores. Experiment to find a taste that suits. Some don't taste of coconut, some do.
  • Zeolite (powerful natural volcanic mineral detox) ZNatural is obtainable from Karen Webb at Nutrestore.
  • Iodine: Lugol's solution available from Nutrestore or tel: 0845 345 8880 and Nutrestore. Iodoral tablets by Vitamin Research Products available from Nutrestore or The Nutri Centre.
  • Water filters: consider Fresh Water Filter. See and Clare Prichard sells 'Wellness Carafe' for details phone 0118 970 0207 or email
  • Organic food: many supermarkets have sections. Many have delivery services. I've also successfully tried: Riverford organic vegetables 0845 600 2311 - box schemes. Investigate a 'box scheme'

Personal and home care products

I use products from:

  • made from pure, certified organic ingredients Dr Hauschka skin care and cosmetics from health shops and The Nutri Centre 020 7436 5122.
  • Neways International household products (these can be obtained from Debbie Carpenter on 01730 894600 or Morag Palmer on 01252 330558).

Electrosmog detector visit Or find at Radiation shield for mobile phones: For a one-size fits all shield try the Phone Dome which is obtainable from Detox your world tel: 08700 113119. They also sell Compu dome for computer screen protection. (put words 'phone dome' or 'compu dome' in search box).

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