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Recommended Books

  • Jonathan Chamberlain Cancer recovery Guide: 15 Alternative and Complementary Strategies for Restoring Health (Clairview: East Sussex 2008). The new updated edition of the big book is now called The Cancer Survivor's Bible. Excellent place to start. See also for his comprehensive ebook Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide.
  • Francisco Contreras Dismantling Cancer (Interpacific Press, San Diego 2004). This book informs of the successes and failures of conventional medicine, the benefits of alternative therapies and demonstrates that exceptional results can be obtained by integrating orthodox and non-conventional medical protocols. References to scientific studies. Best book for overall worldwide picture. Francisco Contreras overseas the Oasis Hospital in Mexico, having previously specialised in surgical oncology in Vienna, Austria.
  • Chris Woollams The Rainbow Diet :How it can help beat cancer (Health Issues, Buckingham 2nd ed. 2010) A mine of information - highly recommended. Also monthly magazine ICON - see
  • Griffin, G. Edward World Without Cancer (American Media, California, 1974 and 1997) now with CD. Order from
  • Philip E Binzel, Jr., M.D. Alive and Well (American Media, California, 1994). After watching the above CD this American GP started treating his patients with B17 and nutrition therapy with amazing results. This book covers the 18 years from that time until his retirement. Order from Read online at
  • Felicity Corbin Wheeler God's Healing Word (Book Publishing World 2006). Felicity lost a daughter to cancer before she herself was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and given no more than 6 months to live. She treated herself with injections of laetrile and ate apricot kernels and within a year her cancer had disappeared.
  • Ernst T. Krebs, Jr. Some of his papers can be located on the internet. and
  • Phillip Day Cancer, Why we're still dying to know the truth (Credence Publications, Kent 1999). B17 Metabolic Therapy in the prevention and control of cancer, a technical manual (Credence Publications, Kent 2002)
  • David Servan-Screiber, MD, PhD anticancer: a new way of life (Penguin, London 2008). While conducting cutting edge research into neuroscience, the author found he had a brain tumour and suddenly became a patient comparing treatments. A few years later he had a relapse and finally got the message about diet and lifestyle. 15 years on he has written about how to help the body's own immune system fight cancer, alongside conventional treatment. Will convince you about diet and lifestyle changes.
  • Sally Fallon with Mary G Enig Nourishing Traditions: The cookbook that challenges politically correct nutrition and the diet dictocrats (New Trends, Washington DC 2nd edition 2001). Packed full of information, backed up by research studies, refuting a lot of 'politically correct nutrition misinformation'. Fascinating. We all could benefit from reading this. But NB Dairy (even raw, unpasteurised, pasture-fed) is not good for cancer sufferers because of the growth factors in it (encouraging baby animals to grow fast).
  • Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, MMedSci (neurology), MMedSci (nutrition): GAPS (Medinform Publishing, Cambridge 2004, 2010). This is a book about restoring the digestive system and how important that is as part of the immune system. Campbell-McBride set up the Cambridge Nutrition Clinic in 1998 and specialises in adults with digestive and immune system disorders as well as seeing children and adults with behavioural and learning difficulties. She sees a link between digestion and psychology. See also
  • Hilary Boynton and Mary G. Brackett Heal Your Gut: Nutrient-Dense Recipes for Intestinal Health Using the GAPS diet (Chelsea Green, Vermont 2014)
  • Pete Evans: Family Food (Macmillan, Sydney 2014)
  • Pete Evans: Paleo Every Day (Macmillan, London 2015)/Healthy Every Day (Macmillan, Sydney 2014)
  • Professor Jane Plant CBE Your Life In Your Hands (Virgin, London 2000). 'One of Britain's most eminent scientists suffered from breast cancer five times, at which point she realised orthodox treatment was not going to work. She then learned of the relationship between diet and cancer'. Cutting dairy out of her diet saved her life.
  • With Gill Tidey The Plant Programme (Virgin, London 2001). Delicious dairy free recipes. ** For our caution on soya see our own notes on Should we be avoiding dairy?.
  • Professor Jane Plant Prostate Cancer - understand, prevent and overcome (Virgin, London 2004). Packed full of detailed scientifically proved information with hundreds of sources listed. Should refute any critics of the link between dairy produce and breast and prostate cancer. See above caution **.
  • W. John Diamond M.D. and W. Lee Cowden M.D. with Burton Goldberg Cancer Diagnosis - What to do next ( Books, California 2000). Clinically proven, safe and non-toxic treatment.
  • Russell L. Blaylock, M.D. Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients (Kensington, New York 2003) Excellent suggestions to minimise the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, fortify immune system all with nutrition.
  • Chris Woollams Oestrogen - the killer in our midst (Health Issues, Buckingham 2004). '... every single cell in your body has the ability to produce hormones' (p20), so perhaps hormonally driven cancers are even more common than we think. There is much to think and take action about in this book.
  • Dr John R. Lee et al, What your doctor may not tell you about breast cancer (Thorsons, London 2002). 'How hormone balance may save your life' - about oestrogen. Also information about soya e.g.(see table on p 259) traditional soya products such as tofu, tempeh, fermented bean curd and miso being 'favourable soy food', but showing soybeans, oil and flour to be high in anti-nutrients.
  • Dr Rosy Daniel with Andrew Panton The alternative treatment guide (Health Creation, Bristol 2003). This is part of the Cancer Lifeline Kit and is available from Health Creation 0845 009 3366 or from the Nutri Centre 020 7436 5122. There are 13 components in the kit: a video, guides, workbooks and CDs. A leaflet is available describing these. Dr Daniel is former Medical Director of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre.
  • Lynne McTaggart, ed. The Cancer Handbook (What Doctors Don't Tell You, London 2000), although not fully informed about laetrile therapy, contains detailed information about orthodox treatment.
  • WDDTY February 2004 newsletter contains a special report on Breast Cancer: when its not cancer at all. "A growing number of experts believe that the advent of breast cancer screening has created a problem where none may actually exist, labelling many conditions as cancer which aren't serious or life-threatening. The astonishing fact is that fully half of all cases of so-called breast cancer might not be cancer at all, but a harmless abnormality that will never progress to cancer." If you have been diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer, get hold of this report from WDDTY: tel 0870 444 9886 and
  • Michael Gearin-Tosh Living Proof - a medical mutiny (Scribner, London 2002). His story from the moment of diagnosis. Consultants urged immediate treatment. He refused, probed words and looked behind medical phrases. He was told untreated myeloma patients die in less than a year, treated in two to three years. After much discussion and research he pursued alternative therapies and 8 years on wrote about it.
  • Bernadette Bohan The Choice (Element, London 2005). Her story of battling cancer twice, 15 years apart. The second time she discovered alternative ways to help herself, getting more energy and curing her arthritis in the process. Now through demand she runs classes and gives talks about juicing, clean water, powerful foods - including nitrilosides, supplements and safe personal care. The last chapter gives an easy to follow guide to 'change simply'.
  • Patrick Holford Say No To Cancer (Piatkus, London 1999)
  • Jennifer Meek & Patrick Holford Boost Your Immune System (Piatkus, London 1998)
  • Patrick Holford & Judy Ridgway The Optimum Nutrition Cookbook (Piatkus, London 1999)
  • Patrick Holford New Optimum Nutrition Bible (Piatkus, London 2004)
  • Patrick Holford & Jerome Burne Food is better medicine than drugs (Piatkus, London 2006)
  • Patrick Holford & Fiona McDonald Joyce The Holford 9-Day Liver Detox (Piatkus, London 2007)
  • Chris Woollams Cancer: Your first 15 steps (Health Issues, Buckingham 2004). ICON published a double page spread with the same title in their second issue of the magazine August 2002. This is an expanded version with much more information but doesn't mention B17 which is a shame!
  • June de Spain The Little Cyanide Cookbook (American Media, California 1976) - recipes including foods specifically containing vitamin B17. The author was a toxicologist and pharmacologist for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and conducted diet research at the University of Chicago.
  • Jane Sen Healing Foods Cookbook (Thorsons, London 1996). 'The vegan way to wellness' by the Head Chef at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre
  • Dr Gillian McKeith's Living Food For Health (Piatkus, London 2000) especially on the importance of enzymes and details of 'superfoods' to boost the immune system, etc. Some recipes included.
  • Dr Gillian McKeith You are what you eat (Penguin, London 2004) Gives the most common body signs to look out for to assess the state of your health, suggestions for supplements and diet. Detox suggestions and some recipes.
  • Michael van Straten Superjuice (Mitchell Beazley, London 1999). Recipes for fruit and vegetable juices describing the vitamins, minerals and goodness in each.
  • Barbara Cousins Vegetarian Cooking Without (Thorsons, London 2000) Recipes free from gluten, sugar, wheat, yeast, dairy, meat, fish and saturated fat.
  • Dr F. Batmanghelidj Water & Salt: your healers from within (Tagman Press, Norwich 1992,2003). Available direct on 01603 281725 or On the importance of both water and salt in our diet. See for the benefits of unrefined, traditionally harvested Celtic sea salt.
  • William Wolcott and Trish Fahey The Metabolic Typing Diet (Broadway, New York 2000) - no single diet works for everyone. For hereditary reasons your metabolism is unique. Find your metabolic type and best diet.
  • Vernon Coleman Food for thought (European Medical Journal, Barnstaple 1994, 2000). On foods that are good for you, and foods that aren't. On food preparation and why you should not eat microwaved food.
  • B.C. Wolverton Eco-Friendly House Plants (Seven Dials, London 2000) for research by NASA on 50 house plants as solution to indoor pollution/toxins in the home.
  • Rolf Gordon Are You Sleeping in a Safe Place? (2005). Vital information on geopathic stress.
  • Felicity Lawrence Not on the Label - what really goes into the food on your plate (Penguin, London 2004). This will get you reading all the labels and change your shopping habits!
  • Dr David M Derry Breast Cancer and Iodine (Trafford Publishing, Victoria BC 2001)
  • Dr David Brownstein Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It (Medical Alternatives Press, Westbloomfield Michigan 2nd ed 2006)
  • Anticancerinfo notes are available from Karen Kirkpatrick 01483 423235 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday) This is a private line. If no-one answers, keep trying, within the above hours.
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