Karen Kirkpatrick is happy to talk to anyone about vitamin B17 on 01483 423235 (UK) 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. This is a private telephone number and she may not always be able to answer, but keep trying.


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Sources of supplements supporting the vitamin B17 therapy

NB It is a good idea to consult a clinical nutritionist. You can find one through the Institute of Optimum Nutrition ( An applied kinesiologist using muscle testing could also inform on your individual needs.

To improve the effectiveness of vitamin B17 and boost the immune system, other supplements are recommended (see Summary of Supporting Supplements).

Apart from local health food stores, the following offer nutritional supplements:

Nutrestore Tel: 01606 590400 website: email:

Karen Webb stocks many of the supporting supplements we recommend and offers to source any additional requirements so hopefully she can supply all your extras. (NB While we support foodstate supplements, in some cases when large doses are needed e.g. vitamin C - extra strength supplements may be required).

The Nutri Centre Tel: 020 7436 5122 (large range of supplements & books).

For those who have difficulty swallowing pills, Vega Nutritionals offer many of their supplements in capsules in powder form which can be sprinkled onto food or in a drink. Obtainable from Nutrestore and The Nutri Centre.

Health Genesis (U.S.) tel: + 1 305 861 0898 (most supporting supplements including vitamin A and E Emulsion drops, vitamin B15/pangamic acid and preven-ca). for lypospheric vitamin C (or from Nutrestore).

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